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Oh my gosh carrie, these pictures are amazing!! I need to go through them again and again and again because they are just all so beautiful! You really did an amazing job. I really wasn't sure if we got any cute ones because Audrey was so serious that morning, but all of them are just precious. They really captured Audrey at her 6mnth stage of life, a stage I now will hold dear to my heart because you captured her so remarkably. I am a proud mommy looking at these pictures..she just looks beautiful! Thanks Carrie!! You truly are an amazing photographer :-)

"I just had a good look at the latest proofs. I am so impressed, and I love the pictures! I have total faith in you! Now of course, I think my kids are adorable (don't we all), but the pictures just captured so much of their personalities, and I was tearing up! Thank you for getting these moments for me.....exactly what I had in mind, perfect. Just wanted to give you the credit you deserve for a wonderful job. And as always, thank you for tolerating my crazy crew!!!"

"Oh, Carrie! They are just unbelievable!! How in the world am I ever going to pick???? Fabulous is all I have to say. Somehow you captured the true essence of my Owen. I look at the pictures and see his personality. I will treasure these images forever. You have such a gift...thanks for sharing it with us."

"Hi Carrie! I can't stop looking at the pictures :) I'm amazed how many pics there are of Lily showing her smile that I love so much! (as you know, that's been a difficult task lately when asked upon demand :) You captured Jack exactly how he is...happy go lucky!! I love it!"

Carrie ? I know I say this all the time but you are amazing. I absolutely love Isabella?s pictures. I really didn?t think any of them were going to turn out because she was so cantankerous that day! You do magic with that camera! Now I just have to decide. -ally

"Carrie-I just looked at Abby's proofs online and I just have to tell you how awesome you are! Those pictures are incredible! You have such a gift. I saw some earlier photos that they had done of Abby and they were pretty good but really didn?t capture Abby ? you definitely did that! Just thought I would tell you once again how talented you are!" -ally

"Thanks to Carrie Furry, I now have a treasure trove of photos that have captured the endearing expressions and personality of my baby boy and two girls. From the whimsical to the tender, Carrie takes fleeting moments and, by her artistry, presents them as timeless gifts. Her mother's passion and her craftsmanship complement her desire to bring joy to others. No more waiting in line for an unknown photographer to zip us through the schedule. Photography sessions with Carrie are convenient and lots of fun - only equaled by the end result - timeless memories!"

"Holy cow girl! They are so fabulous (as usual). I made a run thru them this morning (can you tell I was excited!) and came up with 50 on the nose at the first shot??you make it way too hard to choose! Now, I wonder how much work I?ll get done today or if I?ll just spend my time looking at pics!"

"I have had Carrie photograph my family since she began her business, and I could not be more impressed with her as a person and as a professional. She is so easy to work with, is incredibly patient with even the most challenging subjects (namely my three-year-old), and it is obvious that she has a true gift and loves what she does. Carrie has the ability to capture the personalities of the people she photographs like no one else, and her ease with the camera aids in her ability to create candid shots that are wonderfully natural and endearing. Just recently, I asked her to photograph both my six- and three-year-old. The temperature the day of the shoot was literally 102, and judging from my children?s moods, I was certain the time would prove to be a disaster. Instead, Carrie acted like the heat didn?t bother her one bit, she managed to cheer up the kids, and she ended up creating photos that I am going to treasure forever ? all during a heat wave. After working with Carrie and seeing the beautiful, original, quality photographs she produces, I would never trust anyone else with something as important as the memories she creates for me and my family."

2011 RHEMA Photography