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Life as you live it....UNSCRIPTED! My approach to photographing your child is to allow them to lead the way. The best way to capture who they truly are is to see the world through their eyes. My goal is not to get the perfect smile, but to create a work of art that illustrates their genuine spirit. Laughing and smiling children make a great photo, but their individual looks and their serious expressions are ones to cherish too. Please see The Artist page for additional information.


What should we wear?

Wardrobe selections have a remarkable impact on the overall appearance of your photos. Bright colors are fun and allow you and your child to express individuality. My favorite is to see little ones showcasing the latest trend! Hats, scarves and other accent pieces really add an appealing flare. Textures, such as corduroy and denim, offer an intriguing depth to the image. While I suggest staying away from distracting logos, I encourage you to allow your child to pick something to wear for the last few minutes of the shoot. Some examples include their favorite superhero t-shirt, a cape, a costume...think outside the box! Rain boots are great even on the sunniest day.....and those bright pink cowboy boots and a tutu are always fun for a picture! Be creative...these are sure to be some of your favorites!

If you prefer a more classic look, I suggest that you wear solid, neutral colors. Black is also an excellent choice, as long as you wear varying styles and add some accent pieces to showcase individual personalities. Everyone in the photo should wear coordinating colors. You want everything to blend...but not match exactly! If there are too many colors or patterns (i.e. stripes, plaids) the focus is taken from the subject. Also, keep in mind how casual or formal you would like the photo to be. The entire feeling of the photo can be changed by wardrobe choices. Some parents choose to bring a second outfit for a wardrobe change. Take a look at my gallery for some ideas. Lay all of your choices together on the floor to make sure you are happy with the combination. Also, feel free to text me a picture!

Specific suggestions: It is best to have newborns photographed simply wrapped in a special blanket or wearing nothing at all. Infants 3-4 months may also be photographed in just their birthday suit, just a hat, or bloomers. Something to keep in mind for infants (usually until they walk)...overalls are not a good choice as they bunch up around the face.

Suggestions for Seniors: In preparing for your session, please consider taking advantage of the wardrobe/style consultation. Or...when you go shopping, text me pics. Bring plenty of clothing options and accessories. OPTIONS are crucial to optimizing your wadrobe choices! I am happy to work with you on-location to decide what will work best. You should also bring a few things that make you who YOU are (guitar, headphones, iPod, skateboard).

Need ideas??? Spend some time on my website and FB page. Another suggestion is to view some clothing sites of stores that reflect your Old Navy, the LOFT, the Gap, Banana Republic. want to look like YOU!!

How long will the photo session take?

The session is scheduled for about an hour; however each session is situation specific so your session could last up to two hours. For example, sometimes toddlers need a chance to warm up to a new environment or a baby may need to eat. I have found that if they take a few minutes to ask questions and explore a bit, they will be more comfortable. This allows for more natural photos.

What should I bring for my baby or young child?

I am not big on props, however, it is always fun to include a special stuffed animal, blanket or a few favorite toys in some of the photos. This helps capture the true personality of your child. I also like to add a hat for a personal touch, whether it is a baseball cap, a sun/winter hat or something a little more formal. If you are looking for something fun for girls, check out You may also consider bringing a snack (but keep it clean) if you think that may help keep your child happy.

How do I get my child to SMILE?

Are you ready for this??? RELAX!! It most often happens naturally! Just take a step back and let your little ones settle in to the environment. I'll encourage silliness and not push too hard for any one shot. I'll chat with them a bit and usually during our conversation, I'll start to see their most natural smile. Sometimes we say funny words to help them relax and forget about trying too hard, but i never say smile! And just a warning....I usually request that either mom or dad show off some dance moves behine me...come prepared with something that will get them laughing.

Keep in mind that kids can sense their parent's frustration. Try your best to just have fun. Try to come without expectations of perfect behavior and complete cooperation. My goal is to capture your child just being who they are. Laughing and smiling children make a great photo, but their individual looks and their serious expressions are ones to cherish too.

What should I do if feel like my child is not cooperating?

Don't be discouraged if you feel like your child is not cooperating. You will be pleasantly surprised when you view your gallery. If you feel like your child is just having a bad day, we can reschedule the session, however, usually with a break kids bounce back and are ready to show off.

What happens after the session?

Your personal photo session is just the beginning! I take lots of pictures during the session so determining which images to edit for your gallery is quite a process. Each individual image is viewed and the best of the best are chosen based on composition, color, lighting and expression.

Currently I offer a password protected, online gallery. This gallery will be avaialble to view within two weeks of your session. Once the gallery is ready, I will send you an email with the information you will need to access the gallery. The gallery is live for ten days. All orders must be placed within this time or a fee will be assessed to repost.

In addition to the online gallery, I am very excited to be offering in-home consultation/ordering sessions. A friend asked me to offer suggestions as to what image/size/color she should consider for the locations she was considering in her home. It was SO fun and in the process, I realized that is difficult to visualize how a particular image/size will look in your home. If you are making the investment to have the photographs taken, allow me to help you determine the best way to showcase your artwork in your home.

Do I receive printed proofs?

Certain types of sessions include printed proofs (seniors and birthday parties/special events). You will have the option to purchase your proofs with a minimum order.

When will my order be ready?

Your order will be ready in 3-4 weeks unless otherwise discussed.


Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

Session Fee is due on or before the session date. If a session must be rescheduled, 50% of the session fee is due within 24 hours of the time the change was requested.

Trip fees will be assessed for areas outside the Springboro/Lebanon/Centerville area.

Personal cameras are not allowed at the photo session.

Enlargements and reprints will be available 2-4 weeks after your order is placed. Half of total balance will be collected when the order is placed with the remaining amount due upon delivery of your order.

All images are original work and COPYRIGHT PROTECTED! Images may not be scanned or reproduced in any way without written consent (this includes facebook). It is illegal to scan/reproduce images without my written consent.

If you are not satisfied with your photos, you must notify me within 24 hours of receipt.

Reshoot policy is available upon request.

All retouching projects are subject to additional fees.

We reserve the right to use the photographs we produce for advertising, display, etc.

$25.00 fee for all returned checks.

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