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The Artist

My Mission

A picture IS worth a thousand words...and my hope is that the images I present to you will tell YOUR story! My goal is to capture images that celebrate each stage of your life honest reflection of who you are. It's pretty simple really....capturing kids just being kids and a family just being a family! LIFE UNSCRIPTED! Don't get me wrong....the smiles are great, but behind every smile is something very special just waiting to be shared with the world...a sweet little spirit!!!

My style is not traditional, but candid and casual. I will take a few minutes to connect with your child. I find a common ground and work within that to truly capture their genuine spirit and unique personality. I am all about relationships so my goal is to make it real and your kids will be excited to hear that I am coming again next year!

My favorite quote...BE YOURSELF, EVERYONE ELSE IS TAKEN. It seems so simple, yet is so complex. I want to be the kind of mom who encourages that kind of confidence in my kids and a photographer that encourages it in yours! My hope is that each time you look at the photographs, you will be filled with joy and see the true miracle of each moment, whether it is ordinary or extraordinary. And in each of these moments you will see the story of your family unfold.

My Story

I have been taking pictures since I could hold a camera....and rarely left home without it! I earned the name Ms. Kodak at a very young age! As I look through the thousands of pictures I have taken throughout my lifetime I realize that God has blessed me with a gift that I can share with you! I honestly look at life through the lens of a camera and can't wait to snap the shot that captures the true essence and individuality of my subject. I love what I do and I think it shows....both during our time together and in the finished product!

Close to My Heart--Fingerprints of Grace

Touching lives for Him

I praise God for the gifts of compassion, empathy, patience and perseverance that have allowed me to become who I am today. I have walked through many tragic situations with family and friends which He has used to touch my heart. These life experiences have allowed me to see beyond the surface and to offer comfort to others as they face significant trials. I am honored that He as called me to be His hands and leave His fingerprints in the midst of uncertainty. This ministry has been in existance for five years and I am amazed and incredibly blessed by the families I have met. Their willingness to invite me into the most sacred moments of their lives is overwhelming. If you know anyone who may be in need of this service, please contact me as soon as possible. For more information, go to

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